about us


One Family, Two Friends, and lots of wood

Our taproom is covered with old-growth Wisconsin oak that was harvested over a generation from the Dan McCarthy family.  We dimensioned almost every inch, and finished and installed it ourselves, with Mike Jackman leading our charge.

Our stained glass Backbar is at least 100 years old, and its arts and craft style sets the pallet for the entire tap room. Legend has it the backbar originated from a private home in Canada!  Along with our copper brewhouse, the Backbar is the quintessential showpiece of the entire brewery!

So who are we?

Bobby Fleshman: Brew Master and Owner, Bobby Fleshman, has a profound zeal for the science of brewing. Homebrewing began as a hobby while getting his Ph.D. in Astrophysics. He traded his NASA job for a spot in UCDavis’s Master Brewer’s program earning his IBD Diploma in Brewing and Distilling. Start a discussion with Bobby about brewing and you'll see the enthusiasm bubble to the surface. Hard work, planning, and determination make up the cornerstone that is Bobby Fleshman, and you can truly taste it in every pint at McFleshman’s. Favorite Beer: Doppelbock

Allison McCoy Fleshman: Chemistry Professor at nearby Lawrence University and owner, Allison is Bobby’s wife and adds the “Mc” to McFleshman’s. She and Bobby met in graduate school at the University of Oklahoma and were homebrewing together since 2006. Allison provides chemical support as well as brings Lawrence students into the mix-providing internships for chemistry and biochemistry students interested in the food and beverage science industry. Favorite beer: An English Cask Conditioned Brown Ale

Bob and Jacque Fleshman: Owners and consultants, Bob and Jacque are Bobby and Cindi’s parents who owned and operated their own oil and gas and real estate company since 1985. They bring business know-how, a love of community, and wonderful Oklahoma accents to McFleshman’s. Always ready to support their children's dreams, Bob and Jacque didn’t want to miss out on the fun of McFleshman’s so they moved from Oklahoma City to retire to Wisconsin in 2016. Favorite Beers: Bob – Traditional German Hefewiezen & Jacque – Belgian Lambic 

Shane Butner: Head Brewer, Shane is behind the scenes brewing and executing the research and development of the fine beers you’ll find at McFleshman's. He wandered into the craft beer community as a hobby 10 years ago and then left his 20-year career in sign fabrication to join McFleshman’s, where he pours himself into his love of craft beer. His last sign to fabricate before switching careers now hangs just outside our Taproom! Favorite beer: Schwarzbier 


We have added many more team members - come back soon to learn more about them!