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McFleshman’s is family owned and operated. We built the brewery and taproom ourselves, with the help of several local trades. We brew our beer onsite and serve it in our British-style taproom year round and German-style Beergarden during the warmer months. Our specialties are British Ales and German Lagers. 

German Lagers are made with a special yeast that ferments in colder temperatures and leaves the beer exquisitely clean and clear. Our flagship style is the Pirate’s Cove Munich Helles, but we offer many varieties throughout the year. 

Our English real ales are all cask conditioned adhering CAMRA (the UK’s Campaign for Real Ale) using dry hops, natural carbonation and serving via one of four beautiful beer engines. This method yields a creamy mouthfeel and the natural carbonation makes each cask (or firkin) an evolving experience.

Our taproom is covered with old-growth Wisconsin oak that was harvested over a generation from the Dan McCarthy family.  We dimensioned almost every inch, and finished and installed it ourselves, with Mike Jackman leading our charge.

Our stained glass Backbar is at least 100 years old, and its arts and craft style sets the pallet for the entire tap room. Legend has it the backbar originated from a private home in Canada!  Along with our copper brewhouse, the Backbar is the quintessential showpiece of the entire brewery!

Our copper brewing system was built in the Czech Republic, and is perfectly suited for making European lagers.  It is capable of decoction brewing, by which grain is cooked in the kettle, yielding a fresh ‘breadiness.’

Our sour ales have been aging for 2+ years in wine barrels at Appleton Beer Factory, located across the alley. This partnership is one reason we chose to locate McF where we did!