Aren't You Competitors?

We get this question all the time about our fellow craft breweries and brewpubs in Appleton and our answer is always "We don't have competitors because the Craft Beer Industry is...well...different."

Appleton Beer Factory's Ben Fogle (Left) and Stone Arch's Steve Lonsway celebrating McFleshman's Opening weekend May 2018.

Craft Beer is all about community and brewing local. The more corner breweries we have the more Appleton will become a destination for travelers seeking that glorious pint. There are so many varieties of beer that each of us can specialize in unique styles and flavors. For example, Stone Arch Brew Pub makes a fantastic Scottish Ale which suits their stone pub feel and pairs with their delicious fish n' chips, whereas Appleton Beer Factory makes Yelling Guy Session IPA which embraces the factory worker's hard-earned reward for a job well done! This leaves an opening for us to present our Pirate's Cove Helles which is a Munich Helles Lager--a German style lager that brings a crisp and delicious mix of malt and hops!

The other great thing about having other breweries in the area is we can share our expertise and learn from one another to help bring more good pints to the people of Appleton and the Fox Valley. So no, we are not competitors. We are friends in a business that strives to help their fellow brewer for the sake of a better beer!

To celebrate our friends in Craft Beer - please join us for the Craft Beer Walk May 18! Walk from brewery to brewpub to bar to sample all the craft beer the great places downtown have to offer. Start your journey in our Tap Room and get a commemorative glass to fill and sample the fruits of our labor. You can buy tickets here. We look forward to seeing you at any of the great places around Appleton and the Fox Valley.




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