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Hazy IPA - ABV 5.0% | IBU 10

orange / hazy / orange / IPA / orange / delicious / orange

We had some fun and made a Hazy IPA! We couldn’t get enough citrus notes so we added a TON of blood orange to really rock the fruit out of this beer. Orange enough? Hell yes!


Hefeweizen - ABV 4.3% | IBU 9

wheat beer / the OG hazy / aromas of banana and clove / tuned just right for a summer day

This Hefeweizen is a thirst-quenching wheat beer with a harmonious balance of clove and banana aromas with a pronounced malty center and clean finish.Enjoy this Official Beer of the Fox Valley Symphony.

Spring Time

Saison - ABV 3.6% | IBU 12

refreshing / lager / floral perfumy hop notes / bready malt flavors / easy drinker

This low alcohol saison is a tribute to spring flowers.

Pirate's Cove

Helles Lager - ABV 4.5% | IBU 14

light / clean / grainy-sweet / most easy drinking McF lager / crisp

This Helles Lager is clear and clean, slight grainy-sweet malt flavors balanced with German hops.

Something Amber

Saison - ABV 5.4% | IBU 14

toasty / caramel / malty / easy to crush stein-after-stein

This low alcohol saison is a tribute to spring flowers.

This Vienna Lager has rich caramel malts that accent a clean lager presentation. It’s a beautiful amber color and compliments McF’s existing spectrum perfectly!


English Pale Ale - ABV 4.2% | IBU 23

cask / nutty / amber / healthy malt backbone /what beer should taste like

This traditional English Pale Ale is McFleshman’s Special Bitter (MSB). It has a well-balanced bitterness with herbal, earthy hoppiness and a healthy malt backbone.

2020 GABF Bronze Medal Winner : English Special Bitter

2021 US Open Beer Championship Bronze Medal Winner: Bitter

Yorkshire Round

English Brown - ABV 4.6% | IBU 20

caramelly / nutty/ toasted / moderate bitterness / traditional English classic

Nutty caramel malt flavors with moderate bitterness and earthy hop notes. This cask conditioned English Brown Ale pairs perfectly with fall or winter, whichever season we get today!

Tall Mast

English IPA - ABV 5.5% | IBU 50

cask / earthy / toasted / earthy / mildy hoppy / the OG of IPAs / malty backbone

This English IPA is the traditional India Pale Ale. Drinking Tall Mast is smooth sailing: no hop bomb here. This English IPA is more approachable than it’s boldly bitter grandchildren, the American IPAs. Tall Mast is well-balanced in both technique and tradition.

White Horse

English Porter ABV 4.5% | 21 IBU

dark in color / creamy / roasty / toasty / traditional English classic

This English Porter is roasty and nutty with a sweet malty finish with just a faint hint of chocolate. Very subtle ruby highlights in this dark brown brew with an off-white sustained head.

Public House Pint

Dry Irish Stout - ABV 4.4% | IBU 31

nitro / creamy mouthfeel / dry / roasty / coffee aromas

Walk in to any Irish Pub and order “a Pint” and a stout you will get. This Dry Irish Stout is roasty with a delicate balance of malt and creamy mouthfeel.

Stone's Throw

Irish Red - ABV 4.1% | IBU 18

nitro / creamy / rich-red malty goodness

Our Irish Red is a nitro-rich smooth ale that offers caramel notes balanced
by subtle toastiness. Sipping on this Red Beauty will make you think
you’re a Stone’s Throw from the Emerald Isle.

Lily Goat

Bock - ABV 7.0 % | IBU 24

sweet / rich / caramelly


This Maibock is brewed once a year in an old world fashion to yield an intense but drinkable bready sweetness.


Brut IPA - ABV 6.0% | IBU 14

dry / champagne-esque/ bright light / low-cal / gateway IPA / highly carbonated

Ultima is a highly carbonated, dry, champagne-esque beer that is perfect for the dry-wine drinker. Our Astrophysicist-turned-Brewmaster named this after the trans-Neptunian discovery: Ultima Thule.

US Beer Open 2020 Bronze Winner

Ultima Rose

Brut IPA - ABV 6.0% | IBU 14

wine beer hybrid / champagne-esque / light / fruity effervescence / Shakin’ Rock Vineyard red grapes

Our infamous dry, champagne-esque Ultima Brut beer refermented on grapes. The specially curated blend of red grapes (primarily Marquette and Bluebell) comes from Wisconsin’s own Shakin’ Rock Vineyard.


West Coast Double IPA - ABV 8.4% | IBU 80

hoppy / bitter / bold / dank / rocket fuel / not your basic juicy or hazy / dry hopped with CTZ, Citra & Cascade

Bitter and bold, 547 is brewed in homage to our favorite bitter and bold West Coast Beer Bar (547 Haight Street in San Francisco).

10 Paces - Lambic Style

Belgian-Style Sour - ABV 5.5%

sour /bold / tart / glorious

A collaboration with our neighbors, Appleton Beer Factory (only 10 Paces away!) this barrel aged Lambic-Style Sour, is tangy, fruity, and delicious. 

Bercina's Cider

English Cider - ABV 6.9%

bubbly / fermented in oak barrels / They’s Orchard Apples from Wisco / English style cider

Wine: 101 North

Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine: 101 North


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