Beers & Books

We’re celebrating Libraries this month! In particular, Appleton Public Library and all the awesome things they do for the community. Libraries are a wonderful oasis of discovery. From Children’s reading clubs, Book clubs, wellness Wednesdays, and even an Heirloom Tomato tasting and seed preserving meeting Appleton Public Library has something to offer to everyone!

Here at McFleshman’s, the way we celebrate is by brewing beer. But how do you capture the essence of library in a glass? Well, a few weeks ago we started by wanting to celebrate something completely different: San Francisco! The California Common (Cal-Common) is San Fran through and through! Originally brewed by Anchor Brewing Co. Which is the oldest craft brewery in the country, run by the Maytag Family. That’s tight! The same family that specializes in appliances! The Cal-Common was made by Germans in the 1800s there without access to cold cellaring. The result is a moderately caramel and woodsy-hopped American “lager.” It’s the perfect curve ball against our traditional English and German beers. The quotes are because it is fermented slightly warmer and served fresher than your traditional bocks, festbiers, and the like.

As we were about to brew this beer, the folks from Appleton Public Library walked into the brewery, asking if we could help promote Library Card Signup Month. As so happened, we were struggling with a name for this beer, so we let them do the honor, and thus the Card CataLager was born! Turns out, it’s the perfect beer to represent the bringing together of many people–and the public library is an excellent place to bring friends together!

So if you’re in the taproom, please show us your library card and you’ll get some nice perks. If you don’t have a library card, it’s so easy to sign up! You can find all the information you need here. I went to the library last month to sign up for a card and I’ve already saved over $20 in books that I didn’t buy! Why didn’t I sign up sooner?!? Alas, I now have my InfoSoup card and with a beer in hand, I’m not sure how the day could get better!


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