German Traditions for LagerFest: Part 2

Oktoberfest originated on October 12, 1810 in Munich, in the country of Bavaria although the original party goers had no idea how big of an annual celebration it would become. The party was for King Ludwig who was marrying Therese Saxe-Hildburhhausen. The party was held on land just outside the city. At first, the anniversary was celebrated with horse races and common Bavarian games on the same land that became the local fair grounds-but once beer was allowed on the grounds there was no turning back (this was around 1896). The festival grounds of the original celebration still hosts THE Oktoberest to this very day and are named Theresienwiese which translates to Therese’s Meadow in honor of the crown Princess.

Our firend, Matt Stoneking, attending this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich and snapped a photo of THE Munchner Kindl! Thanks for the photo, Matt!
The Münchner Kindl, on the coat of arms of Munich evolved from a monk in the 1300s to a small child in the 1800s.

Fox Valley LagerFest is our local craft-beer version of Oktoberfest, which happens on October 12th (a perfect day to celebrate the tradition!). We’ll have ten local breweries showcasing their lagers. At the Munich Oktoberfest, a parade of celebrators commences the event and therefore so will we! The parade goes through the streets of Munich and ends at the grounds. It is led by the Münchner Kindl, which is the symbol on Munich’s coat of arms and is portrayed as a woman on horseback.

We’ll have the coat of arms proudly waving, along with the flag of Bavaria, as we parade our ceremonial cask filled with Oktoberfest down College Ave on October 12th. We march at 1:30 from the steps of the Lawrence Chapel towards State St. The cask will be tapped at the start of Lagerfest by a representative of the land! Just like the Mayor of Munich taps the first keg to start the real Oktoberfest.

Spoiler alert: I’ve borrowed my neighbor‘s accordion and have been practicing to really set the stage to a great LagerFest. Tickets still available!

Prost, and see you all on October 12th!

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