Why do we love food trucks?

For the past decade or so, food trucks have been a common sight on city streets. It seems like there is a new one appearing every few weeks or so. I’m not complaining! I love standing below a hand written menu with smells of savory and sweet dangling in the air above me. I then step forward and speak a little louder over the hum of the generator to request that special dish that caught my eye. A few minutes later they call “Allison” and I excitedly leap forward like a little kid! Yumm!

So, why do we love food trucks so much? If the saying goes “Life is a journey, not a destination,” then a food truck would be the restaurant that can follow you on your journey. Planning a pop-up picnic can be hard, especially if you commute to work, have kids, or are constantly on the go. But to have an impromptu meal out with friends under the crisp fall sky that’s starting to get darker earlier is a treat, and made so simple by the many food trucks you can find around town.

Reggie’s Carribean Taste frequents our beer garden often and the smells of Jerk Chicken and Fried Plantains are truly glorious!!

This is all from the perspective of the consumer, however. I’d like to think about what it’s like to own a food truck. Reggie from Caribbean Taste (a McF favorite) writes on his facebook page: “Food brings people together. My objective is to share my culture with you, by preparing delicious healthy food that will help you reach your goals.” And does his culture ring true when you bite into the fried plantain. My mouth is watering just writing these words.

Rick’s Smokin Pig Express is a carnivore’s dream!

And then there is Smoken Pig Express (another McF favorite) which is a food cart rather than a full truck. Rick’s brisket and pulled pork is some of the best in the state! You can ask him why he does it, but take one bite of his food and you can taste the love for the grill!

The list goes on, but luckily Appleton has so many great food trucks to enjoy! Sadly however, winter is almost upon us, so take advantage of these last few weeks of beautiful fall weather before the snow sets in. We will be hosting many food trucks this weekend (Oct 12th) right in front of the taproom at our first annual LagerFest. Tickets are still available, but make sure to come hungry and be ready to taste from several local food trucks. Yumm…. and Cheers!

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