Save the Whales with Ales!

We love and need our oceans, but plastic waste finds its way into our oceans each year polluting the waters and hurting marine life. One of the worst culprits are those plastic rings that hold together six-packs. Birds, sea turtles, and fish become strangled or ingest the plastic. A few years back, Bobby saw this […]

An Ode to Foam

Updated: Aug 13, 2019 ‘The Pope of Foam.’  That’s what Charlie Bamforth has been dubbed by his peers. He’s a scientist concerned with many aspects of beer, but foam is what he’s knwon for. He was also who Bobby studied under in brewing school. Beer foam is not trivial to get right. Ask any beer server […]

Going the Extra Mile

That‘s a wrap! Mile of Music came and went. Did you hear great music? Perhaps you found a new venue or watched new bands come to you at your favorite spot. Mile creates great opportunities for folks to experience downtown Appleton, but for this blog post I thought I would share what it was like […]

Happy International Beer Day! (On Friday)

On Friday, August 2nd, we’ll be hosting Mile of Music! As luck would have it, this is also International Beer Day-a festival begun by Jesse Avshalomov in 2007 and now celebrated on the first Friday of every August in over 80 countries! Unlike Fight Club, there are three rules for International Beer Day: Rule 1) […]

Power Outage, Trees, and Beer

The power goes out…and the fretting begins. How long? What about the food in the freezer? What about the wi-fi?!? Many of us in the Appleton area had these thoughts over the weekend due to the storms. First, I hope everyone is alright, and that your trees were spared. If not, let’s plant some new […]

Beer coasters are cooler than you think!

The coaster, your beer’s companion at the pub, has a surprisingly interesting history! Supposedly, the term “coaster” (known as a beermat in the UK) originates from those late-night parties when the servants had long gone to bed. The wine was still being passed around the table, but rather than handing the bottles over, they were […]

Music is the Pulse

Updated: Jul 9, 2019 If Beer is the blood of McF, Music is the pulse. The late Tom Petty said: “Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There’s not some trick involved with it. It’s pure and it’s real.” We like to think that the music played at McFleshman’s is […]

“I don’t like bitter beer”

Shhh…Don’t tell anyone, but can you relate? I own a brewery and yet don’t care for really hoppy beer; I love the malty ones! Do I lose my beer nerd status? Hell no! I will drink what I enjoy, and you should too! In graduate school, I saw a presentation entitled Chemistry of Coffee and […]

What’s Bowie’s Story?

“Was the Bowie Mural already there when you bought the building?” is a question we’re often asked and we’re proud to say “No!” McFleshman’s commissioned the mural shortly after we bought the property in February 2016. Before the 2016 presidential primary, I wanted to paint “Rock the Vote” on our newly acquired building. A friend […]

Why does a Brewery care about bees?

Do Bees and Beer have a long history? Sort of… Some argue that honey was the first fermentable sugar that yeast enjoyed to give us a fermented drink, some 10,000 years ago. Fast forward to 2019, and you might think that hops require bees to pollinate. Well, they don’t. Hops are wind pollinated as they […]

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