The Mighty Bock

Bock, Maibock, Doppelbock, the list goes on. Bock beer’s notable characteristics are strong, dark, and malt-forward flavors. At McFleshman’s, we have a certain affection for the Bock as we celebrate the seasons with the various types of Bock beers. Currently, our Walk in the Park Maibock is donning the taps with its gorgeous color and […]

Bikes and Beer go Hand in Hand

There’s something special about a bicycle. A milestone from those halcyon days of childhood. That giddy rush of butterflies fluttering around your stomach as your parent or caregiver lets go of that seat for the first time without the training wheels. It’s a life changing moment when you find your balance and you realize the freedom this accomplishment grants you. For some of us, […]

Does the glassware really matter?

Wonder why we serve our beer in different glassware? Turns out your experience with the beer will change with the type of glass we serve. Years ago, Bobby and I did an experiment–we’re scientists by training (more about that in a future blog post!) We blindfolded our friends and gave them four IPAs and asked […]

Happy Birthday McFleshman’s!

It’s been one year since we opened our doors! Our goal was to make the best classic ales and lagers possible and share them in a warm setting that the community would embrace. Embrace you did! The outpouring of support for our Beer, Tap Room and Beer Garden has been incredible. Thank you all from […]

Cask and you shall receive!

Craft Beer Week is upon us and what better way to celebrate than raise a glass of cask ale! But what is a cask or real ale? According to the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), a real or cask ale is a “beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which […]

German Lagers: what’s the big deal?

At McFleshman’s we specialize in German Lagers and British Ales, but what’s the deal with German Lagers? (We’ll tackle the British Ales next week!). Known for refreshingly clean and crisp flavors, the Germans have mastered the art of the lager for centuries. Lagers are fermented longer and at cooler temperatures than the ales (6 weeks […]

Where it all began: Homebrewing

We all have that friend, the one that has been brewing in her basement or his garage for years. After ten or so brews, the beer becomes quite good and they think “maybe someday I’ll quit my job and open my own brewery.” The dream normally stops there, but for Bobby Fleshman – the visionary […]

Aren’t You Competitors?

We get this question all the time about our fellow craft breweries and brewpubs in Appleton and our answer is always “We don’t have competitors because the Craft Beer Industry is…well…different.” Craft Beer is all about community and brewing local. The more corner breweries we have the more Appleton will become a destination for travelers […]

Home-brew Competition Results!

The winner of our home-brew competition is… Jeff Lodes for his Hop Onyx Black IPA! It was a tough competition that resulted in five brews making it to our best in show category. Those top five were (in no particular order): Zirtus, Session IPA by Cindy Kolbe Tripel the Fun, Belgian Tripel by Brandon Kolbe […]

We Support our Service Women and Men!

We recently signed a Letter of Support to our Service women and men in the Wisconsin Guard and Reserve! Check out this awesome press release and come by the Tap Room to see our letter proudly hanging! If you serve in the armed forces, please let us know! We have specials just for you! Thank […]

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